We are a Czech consulting company - a team of professionals with international experience.

We provide services in organizational, personal, process and functional optimizations and audits, and in management, projects, acquisitions, financial and grants & funds consulting – Advisory & Business Consulting.

Aims of our work:

  • search for or create new projects, commercial and investment opportunities for our clients,
  • assist in the projects management, fulfill the opportunities found and achieve the expected results,
  • search and find the opportunities for performance advancement, quality improvement, and mitigation of risks in the management of organizations and projects of our clients.

Our business philosophy is:

  • listen to and understand our clients‘ wishes and concerns,
  • to be a reliable partner to our clients, to be their team player and fellow who is always available,
  • provide independent and unbiased professional opinion,
  • suggest practical turn-key solutions arising from detailed analyses, and  deep recognition of needs as well as real possibilities of our clients,
  • make the top quality and professionality of our work the matter of course,
  • develop, enhance and put in practise our long-time experience and a wide spectrum of our team members‘ competencies and skills.